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An prospect is generated anytime a consumer has a credit inquiry for the purpose of both buying and financing a vehicle from a dealership. The vast majority of these consumers still have not taken delivery the day they had their credit pulled. In fact, the average consumer will take up to 3-5 days shopping for the right car and or financing prior to taking delivery. In addition, you can even filter these valuable leads by the criteria, such as credit score and other attributes you need to get them financed. Customer Track goes in further to turn these leads into sales for you. We deliver these prospects to you usually within 8-24 hours after they have had their credit pulled. We will take their credit applications for you 24/7, set appointments for them to come into your dealership to buy from you and even alert you immediately when we discover that they have purchased from you in the past.

Customer TrackWhen a previous customer buys from another dealership, you stand to lose much more than just another sale. You could lose their service business, their parts and body shop business and possibly even F&I profit. The solution? Let us track all your previously sold customers 24/7 and if they are at another dealership looking for a vehicle, we alert you immediately so you can contact them. This is just one part of our exclusivemarketing program that will help you maintain your current customers as well as help you grow your new business. In addition, we even alert you when consumers in your market that you have not sold in the past are looking to buy and finance a vehicle.

Rapid QualifierBankruptcies are common to every market. Auto dealers can benefit from marketing to these prospects after they have been discharged. All bankruptcy leads we provide have been discharged in the last 30 days and are local to your specific market. Our accurate bankruptcy leads list will allow you to target consumers who have been discharged from their debts and have limited financial options. Response rates are usually higher because of their limitations. These consumers are in need to re-establish and rehabilitate their credit. Call us today to become a member dealer and receive your BK's at no additional charge.




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